Travel Partners World for

Travel Partners World srl, an Italian Tour Operator, based in Genoa with regular travel license, can be considered the "Moderator" inside MadeinItaly.Travel

Travel Partners World carries its know-how and skills into MadeinItaly.Travel and is in charge of:

  • searching for and selecting italian travel expertises interested in joining the marketplace
  • taking care of services catalog management
  • promoting the portal at international fairs, coordinating the presence of possible MadeinItaly.Travel delegations
  • providing general assistance to all users of MadeinItaly.Travel
  • acting as the arbiter in case of claims between the traveller and the provider
  • selling the product available in through its B2B channels in Italy and abroad
  • Direclty selling services on MadeinItaly.Travel portal for offering you a quick and easy online payment, if the provider does not have a online merchant service yet.

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Worldwide Portal:
Italian Portal:

Soon we will publish a list with all other portals, for travel trade and public, where you can buy MadeinItaly.Travel services.