MadeinItaly.Travel Italian online Booking Marketplace

The tourism sector has been the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy and worldwide. This portal has been made available by Adalte, an Italian software house operating at a global level, for all those who wish to sell or buy Italian travel services. Get registered here to join MadeinItaly.Travel



The Marketplace to restart tourism in Italy


A Marketplace to allow the booking of tourist services in Italy has always been necessary to simplify the promotion of the many tourism businesses scattered throughout the peninsula.

In "peacetime" the logic of business and politics have never allowed the existence of a catalyst of the offer, except through intermediaries expressions of global tourism. In "wartime" the priorities change opening new ways of collaboration.

Madeinitaly.Travel is the desire to transform the absurd silence of the cities and that sense of helplessness that have hit the country during this crisis, in the din of fingers that actively type on the keyboards to restart Tourism in Italy.

Everyone is free to organize their holidays as they prefer, but if you want to travel to Italy or if you have customers that would like to travel to Italy, in this portal you can book Italian travel services, being sure that your money will be destined only to Italian companies or institutions.

This is possible because:


  • MadeinItaly.Travel uses the innovative cloud software, created to manage tourist marketplaces, which has been made available by Adalte srl.
  • Adalte srl applies to suppliers only a small commission on confirmed bookings to cover the costs of servers and the human resources used for the management and maintenance of the portal. No other costs affect the rates or the tour operators or consumers for the use of the services.



Travel safely means also work safely

Covid-19 has taught us that travellers' safety must be understood as the safety of everyone, from passengers to guides or drivers from hotel and restaurant staff, to all passers-by and law enforcement officers who meet groups around or at the airports, etc...

The Italian and international legislators are introducing rules that everyone will have to follow during the various stages of this crisis, and the Industry, as it is already doing, is called to implement them and if possible to improve them to ensure maximum safety for travelers, staff and local population.

All those who register as Providers, whether they are receptive operators, tour operators or MICE experts, a consorzia, or others, can discuss the adoption of a protocol and a series of attentions that can limit the spread of any infection during the execution of the services.


The MadeinItaly.Travel Portal will inform travelers about the latest Health and Safety news and measures taken by the italian government and operators, both nationally and regionally, so as to make their booking experience as comfortable and personalized as possible.