Italy for Travelers

As everywhere, it is useful to remember some fundamental safety measures to travel as comfortable as possible.

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1. Search out tourist offices and points that offer maps, suggestions and other help in any place you stop in.

2. Check map areas for your lodgments and places of touristic interest. Take care with distances from air terminals/stations and picked lodgments. Stay abreast of cabin costs and subtle info when booking and looking at.

3. Ride in approved taxis labelled by authority signs and ID. Request the driver's cost gauge for your course ahead of time, read principles and controls posted inside taxi, and keep up an eye on the taxicab's meter from start to finish of your voyage. Keep in mind that any ride ensures first luggage for nothing out of pocket. Don't forget to request an official receipt at the cost you pay.

4. In restaurants take a look at the prices on the menu and remember that table service would be charged on final prices. Owners must show and explain you any additional cost.

5. Generally, restroom use is free in bars and restaurants. Giving a tip or consuming something is an appreciated behaviour. In many cases, at Railroad and transport stations coins are needed for this service. The water of public bubblers is generally safe to drink, unless otherwise showed.

6.  Whenever possible, purchase by traceable instruments (debit cards, credit cards, cheques), yet make certain to have money close by for exceptional situations. Try not to show off money in public, and escape as fast as possible from people attempting to occupy you by requesting personal info or cash.

7. Continuously practice your entitlement to request receipts for any purchasing, and pay consideration on charges and check the authenticity of the receipt (sellers regularly endeavor to give informal printed paper as receipts in order to abstain from paying taxes).

8. Purchase all tickets from official sellers and remember that buying tickets online often ensures additional advancements and/or rebates. Don't trust guarantees to move forward your place in line and keep in mind that entrance to public places is constantly free. Know opening hours and terms of conditions for places you choose to visit (e.g. numerous places are closed on certain occasions, while numerous permit free access to European citizens under 18 or more than 65).

9. Take care of your belongings and don't give custody of them to untrustworthy people.

10. At whatever time you feel threaten or in danger situations or your rights as a customer are not regarded, look for or call local police.