Where to start your tour in Italy?

If you would like to visit Italy by bus or car and you cannot use ferries the best itinerary for most of the visitors is always driving from North to South by  the West coast and form South to North by the East coast (or opposite)

If you arrive in Italy by boat or ferry the main ports all around Italy, Genova, Livorno, Civitavecchia (Rome), Naples, Palermo, Bari, Ancona, Venezia, are always well connected with the most important touristic cities and venues. Morover most of the times are themselves amazing destinations.

If you flight we suggest you, whenever possible, to book your ticket to start your itinerary in a city and end it in another. Internal flights are often not cheap in Italy and many cities are flighing only to rome.

Start a tour in Italy from Venice

Venice airport is an important entrance or departure gate for travellers in italy because the city itself must be seen at least one in life and because it is in the north-east corner of the country. This makes smart to arrange an itineary starting or arriving in Venice.

Start a tour in Italy from Milan

Milan is the second italian hub after Rome and has 2 international airports, Linate very close to the city on the East side and Malpensa, around 50 kms away in the countryside of Novara on the West side, It is very confortable for starting a tour also because it is very well connected, by flight and train, with Rome, if you take into consideration to start and end your tour in one of these 2 cities.

Start a tour in Italy from Rome

"Tutte le strade portano a Roma" / "All roads lead to Rome". Since the Roman empire Rome was considered the center of the world, so it is not strange to say that is most suitable solution for starting your italian holiday.  In fact considering the number of internal and international flights of nearest Fiumicino airport, the Civitavecchia port 70 kms away, the Termini stations right in the city center, plus the importance of the destination itself, Rome is for sure the best place where to start your tour in Italy.

Start a tour in Italy from Naples

A big port and the Capodichino international aiport are the options offered by Naples, which can be an interesting starting point for those who are considering to visit the South of Italy and the costiera amalfitana / Amalfi coast.