Italy: a great variety of lakes and seas

Italy is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and has many natural lakes all around the peninsula. The development of Latin culture before and then Italian would not have been possible without the fundamental contribution of the Water element, of which the Italian territory is so rich in all its forms: sweet, salty and brackish.

Today the connection with this element is still very strong, mainly for tourism purposes.

Lakes, including Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda are amongst the most popular in the world and attract tourists from all continents because of their natural beauty and amazing sourranding scenarios.

Coastal areas, such as the Italian Riviera, the Versilia or the Adriatic Riviera, and islands, such as the two largest, Sardinia and Sicily, and the island of Elba in the summer are transformed and are able to welcome thousands of tourists in almost all locations, even in those counting only few residents in the winter.

Below you can find a list of services involving for example a visit to a romantic italian lake or a relaxing stay in a seaside resort.