Specialists + Online Booking = MadeInItaly.Travel

How comes

In a global scenario in which the information must run fast and must be easy-to-get, Italy still miss a concrete solution for making itself more attractive by aggregating the deeply fragmented travel offer,
Adalte srl, a "made in Italy" software-house that only develops technology services for travel, has made available to all professionals of the incoming tourism in Italy an online booking portal for offering their services to the world.

The aim is to aggregate an increasing number of italian Destination Management Companies, always more specialized in their territory, for offering to all those who wish to spend a vacation in Italy, a widespread and variegated coverage of the territory.

What is

Madeinitaly.travel is the first travel marketplace where you can build up your itinerary in Italy and book it online directly by the italian specialists who supply the services.
It is based on an innovative booking engine, used by the italian travel professionals for finally selling online their touristic services to the independent travellers.
It's a showcase for experts of travel in Italy where the selected providers are free to publish their proposals and 
you can easily discover their products groupped by filters such us: itinerary or type or day.
It has the peculiarity of offering, in addition to
re-packaged itineraries and city break, also single travel services alla around italy, such as Hotels, daily activities, transfers, car rentals.
This allows you to compose your ideal itineary in Italy by mixing all service type into only 1 shopping cart.

How it works

You can browse our catalog or use the search engines, add services to the shopping cart and when your final itinerary is composed you can get registered, even using your Google or Facebook account, and check out by directly paying the chosen service providers.
Depending each provider policy, the terms of payment may be different for each service, but you will be always allowed to pay by credit card or Paypal.
The travel documents are always sent by email or can be downloaded online using your credential.
If you are planning to book with us, use the search engine for making request for all persons travelling with you. Sometime private service proposals can be cheaper with more persons travelling together,