Italy the land of history, art and fashion

Today Italy is the major international centre for fashion design, with Milan and Rome which are the Italy's fashion capitals, but Italy offers a rich combination of blending landscape and culture, history and art, architecture and city planning. It offers an incredible journey through time, from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the present day.

Italy has been one of the centres of history, always famous for culture and art. Museums and archaeological sites allow the traveller to find countless signs of the past and the different civilizations that have passed across this country.
Italy has more cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country. Artistic wonders are simply everywhere. Tourists can visit world famous museums such as the Brera Art Gallery in Milan, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or the Capitoline Museums in Rome; explore huge archaeological sites, such as Pompei and Herculaneum.

Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice, Siena, Pisa, and Naples are the most well-known cultural cities, but the whole country can list uncounted towns of amazing beauty, also thanks to: 95,000 monumental churches, 40,000 forts and castles, 30,000 historical residences with 4,000 gardens, 36,000 archives and libraries, 20,000 historical cities and towns, 5,600 museums and archaeological sites, and 1,500 convents. 

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