Self-drive in Italy, a bit of stress and a lot of freedom

If you decide to spend a holiday in Italy, internet and many of the person around you who has already been in the country of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa romeo and Fiat, will probably suggest you not to rent a car,

"Streets are too small", "Parking is impossible", "italians are insane!", "Are you planning to make a formula 1 training course first?! etc...etc...

They are all right...
...except for the formula 1 training far, you still don't need it! Your licence mostly is fine.

Driving in Italy's main cities and highways can be a terrible experience, even more during italians' holiday in july and August, but you just have to head out to the country and you'll find pace and roads much less stressful.
Driving in Italy may be tiring sometimes if you are not a "car lover", but you will pass through unbelievable landscapes, visit amazing towns and cities, beeing able to manage your time.

Most of self drive itineraries offered by our experts can be performed by driving a car or using trains or buses.
Train are offering great services considering the number of stations you can find all around italy, but have to be suggested only if you plan to have long distance transfers and to visit the main cities. This way you can enjoy the best advantages they offer you: saving time and money by going from the center of a city, to the center of another; all train stations are infact right in center of all the main destinations.
Bus services are normally offering short and medium range transfers, so they are very useful in combination with the train if your destination is a small village, the countryside or a secondary touristic venue.

In all the Itinerary crafted by our experts and here listed is indicated if the proposal is inclusive of car rental service, train tickets, bus or if no transportation is included in the rate. Sometimes a car rental, or other transport services are offered as optional during the booking process, in those cases we suggest to book those additional services. However if you just need to rent a car in italy you can try to find the best car rental proposal also using our search engine.